Termo Fire and Engineering Co. is a major force delivering high quality fire safety solutions. Termo Fire consists of a team of highly qualified fire engineers with experience in all areas of fire safety, including fire strategy reports, smoke modelling, evacuation modelling, structural fire engineering, fire risk assessment and the design of passive and active fire safety systems.
The team also includes experts in regulations, standards, construction and fire testing as well as the design and evaluation of performance of different building products and systems in those fire tests.
This unique combination helps us provide an unrivalled, independent, quality service to our clients in all areas of fire safety.


The design of fire protection systems is a process. A good design is one that produces a cost effective system, well matched to the expected fire, that will perform reliably and effectively during the fire event. A multi-step process is used to achieve these objectives that includes design and construction period services.
As building life, health, safety and energy systems become more complex and interconnected, an increasing number of owners and their representatives realize the long-term benefits of retaining a professional commissioning authority. In this capacity, Termo Fire provides oversight in system design, integration, controls, and functional testing; both as a distinct discipline and as part of our standard engineering services.


We, at Thermo Fire and Engineering Co, supply fire protection equipments produced by our international suppliers in accordance with NFPA standards. Our products have been certified by organizations such as UL, FM, EN, BSI, LPCB, VdS and TSE.
We supply high-quality fire suppression systems and fire fighting equipments across Turkey and all over the world for many markets. All fire fighting equipment provided by Termo Fire will enhance the overall safety of your property.


Fire Engineering and Installation is looking at the design of buildings and areas so as to minimise the risks to life and property. We take a scientific look at how fires start and spread and even how people will react to them. Termo Fire and Engineerig Co. has added fire engineering to our portfolio of services as many of our customers wanted a One Stop Shop for all the fire safety compliance needs. Termo Fire has considerable experience in all these areas from both academic qualifications as well as real world experience in planning and prevention.


Commissioning optimizes the efficiency of the construction process. It provides short- and long-term paybacks by reducing operating and maintenance costs, improving occupant comfort, and enhancing value over the life of the facility. Our commissioning services include both third-party oversight, and functional testing and commissioning of our own engineering designs. In addition, we are frequently retained for retro-commissioning of existing facilities, with work including but not limited to operational assessment, troubleshooting malfunctions, providing input and solutions on maintenance problems and issues, and overseeing corrections to existing systems and equipment. The commissioning process verifies that the entire life safety systems sequence performs as designed and as required.


A strong fire protection system inspection, testing and maintenance program is essential to ensure all fire protection equipment and systems will function properly during an emergency. This will help protect your company assets and prevent an interruption of normal business operations as well as help ensure your organization is in compliance with applicable fire codes, industry best practices and insurance company requirements. We recommend periodic audits of existing programs be undertaken to ensure they are up to date and functioning properly.
Termo Fire offers complete inspection and testing services for fire extinguishers, fire alarm, sprinkler systems, special hazard suppression systems and restaurant hood suppression systems. We also, provide complete fire pump testing services, and foam system testing and analysis. The service is delivered in accordance with the NFPA 25 Regulations and relevant TS EN 12845 and TS CEN/TS 54-14 Standards.