CLEAN GAS: HFC-227ea (FM-200®)


FM-200® is a clean, colorless, and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent that is electrically non-conductive and safe for humans. The FM-200 system is ideal for areas occupied by personnel and containing assets that could be damaged by water. The low concentration of agent required and low toxicity means less visual obscuration and minimal risk to people. The colorless, odorless gas leaves no residue, eliminating post-fire agent cleanup and minimizing downtime. It extinguishes flames primarily through heat absorption, leaving no residue, thus minimizing downtime after a fire and making FM-200 suppression systems accepted and respected worldwide.
FM-200® (HFC-227ea) is formed from the elements carbon, fluorine and hydrogen (CF3CHFCF3 - heptafluoropropane). The primary extinguishing mechanism of FM-200® is heat absorption, with a secondary chemical contribution from the thermal decomposition of FM-200 in the flame. FM-200 leaves no residue and is safe for use in occupied spaces. Most common metals, such as aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, lead, stainless steel, and copper, as well as rubber, plastic, and electronic components, are unaffected when exposed to FM-200.
The FM-200 Fire Suppression System is an engineered system utilizing a fixed nozzle agent distribution network. When properly designed, the FM-200 system will suppress surface burning fire in Class A, B, and C hazards. 80% of FM-200 fire fighting effectiveness is achieved through heat absorption and 20% through direct chemical means (action of the fluorine radical on the chain reaction of a flame). Both automatic and manual actuators are available for release of the agent into the hazard area through fixed piping and nozzles. Each nozzle is sized to ensure the correct flow of agent for the hazard and available in seven sizes with seven or eight ports for either 180 or 360 degree horizontal discharge patterns respectively. For large hazards, agent containers can be connected to a common manifold.



Advantages and benefits of FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Less visual obscuration and minimal risk to personnel
  • Suitable for protection on a range of high value risks
  • Colorless, odorless clean agent leaves no residue
  • Requires minimal container storage space)
  • Suppresses Class A, B and C fires
  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Short atmospheric lifetime
  • Detects fire in early stages
  • Electrically nonconductive
  • Simplified installation



FM 200 Fire Extinguishing systems are used to protect:

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Transformer and switch rooms
  • Museums and historical archive storage
  • Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  • Records and data archives
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Offshore drilling rigs
  • Robotic equipments
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Military vehicles
  • Control rooms
  • Bank vaults
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries